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panic attacks

Panic attacks, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia are common problems and respond well to psychological treatment. 

One of the main treatments is graded exposure. This is a behavioural intervention that can be illustrated in an easy to understand way. Elements of this booklet may also be useful in the treatment of other anxiety disorders. 

This booklet covers the main principles of graded exposure. It is designed to be used with a therapist explaining how to carry out the intervention, and the booklet illustrates the main concepts. Outside of sessions the illustrations will have enough information to act as a reminder to the client.

Instead of having a traditional "Exposure Diary", there is a graph where individuals can track their experience of exposure exercises. They can log their level of anxiety before, at the start, and at the end of each exposure exercise, and this will let them see the process of habituation. 

It's recommended that one graph sheet is used per step on their graded exposure hierarchy.

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